As Night Falls by Jenny Milchman


2/5 Stars.

This is a thriller that for some reason isn’t all that suspenseful or thrilling. That might be a weird thing to say since it’s actually pretty action-packed.

It’s about two escaped convicts who stop by a family’s home shortly after their escape to ostensibly gather some supplies, but get stuck there as a winter storm rolls in. One of the convicts is a real sociopath, and we learn who he is – and his connection to the family – as the story progresses.

Unfortunately, all the twists and mysteries were completely predictable. Not only that, but I was bored by the repetitive nature of theĀ narrative: Someone in the family does something stupid to try to escape, the bad guys stop them in their tracks. Repeat. Like I said, not a lot of genuine suspense.

The most interesting parts of the book, for me, were the flashbacks to the sociopathic convict’s childhood. We learn that he was the product of a delusional, overly doting helicopter mother who was convinced that her nightmare child was special, extraordinary and misunderstood. Clearly she played a big role in creating this monster.

While the story itself was lacking, the writing and the character development were surprisingly decent (for this kind of book). Still, not one of the better thrillers I’ve read.

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