Everything Matters! by Ron Currie Jr.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.41.48 AM

3.5/5 Stars

Imagine being delivered a message, in utero, that the world is going to end 36 years from your birth. How would you deal with this information? Would you live your life to the fullest or succumb to utter despair? Would anything you do matter?

These are the philosophical questions at the heart of this ambitious multi-narrative novel. Written partly from the first person perspective of Junior Thibodeau and those closest to him and partly from an omnipotent second person perspective, Everything Matters relays Junior’s life story, which is over the top crazy and sometimes twee but for the most part imaginative and interesting.

Early on, it becomes clear that Currie’s story is a metaphor for our own despair in the face of our inevitable mortality. Lucky are those who can face down that despair and realize that everything matters not in spite of the fact that you and everyone you love will die but because of it.

There are certainly some interesting existential themes going on here, but something about the writing felt undeniably juvenile. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting read for those who like experimental fiction.


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