Book Review: Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane

2.5/5 Stars.

As far as genre thrillers go, Dennis Lehane is one of the better storytellers out there; nevertheless, this one was all over the place and had some pretty ridiculous plot twists.

Rachel Childs meets private investigator Brian Delacroix when she hires him to help her find her biological father. The two keep in touch over the next decade or so, during which Rachel’s life takes a turn for the worse.

When Rachel reunites with Brian years later, she’s recently divorced, her career is over and she’s suffering from debilitating panic attacks. Brian seems like the ideal guy: he’s funny, kind, successful and endlessly patient with Rachel as she battles her agoraphobia.

So why is Rachel suddenly suspicious of him?

Since We Fell is exactly what you expect it to be: an entertaining page-turner packed with plot twists. It’s also incredibly uneven and weirdly paced. The initial storyline of Rachel trying to find her father takes up so much time in the beginning of the novel, and then abruptly shifts to a different kind of story entirely, almost as if you’re reading two different books. The twists and turns, when they arrive, are lazy, and the characters (Rachel in particular) proceed to act in ways that are unbelievable given what we know about them.

It’s a bummer that the story is so lacking, because Lehane is a decent writer—especially for his genre. If you’re looking for a mindless beach read this will suffice, but don’t expect anything mind-blowing.


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